Victoria romanet is preparing for a public trial with Christine Lyaskovets

Moreover, Victoria said that doubly offensive for her to realize that this situation started just after she listened to the advice of Christina of Lyaskovets and Fedor strelkov to use the services of the operator. And if at first many thought that the part in the story Fedi and Christine – a banal coincidence, but now Vicki had doubts about the sincerity of this couple, the website life-dom2.su.

Vick was able to expose the now ex-girlfriend, however, is not without accomplice, who tired of the threats romanet just passed Michelle and Christina. It should be noted that with Lyaskovets Vika ceremony is going. According to Victoria, she intends to meet with a traitor not only in court, but in the Studio of Andrey Malakhov.

“They create their faux scandals, only to be on everyone’s lips… Tired”, “I wonder if it will all be false” – he wrote to fans of youth telestroke.