Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev compared to “the bullies” for their appearance in Prague

However, passers-by who were lucky enough to encounter the former participants of “House 2” was convinced of the opposite. So, Vika and Anton were dressed quite simply, and some of them are their style evoked associations with Gopnik. And instead admire the stunning European beauty, young people only did that sort things out for the cheap hotel, the website life-dom2.su.

However, users of social networks not at all surprised that Vika and Anton were once again out in the cold. Many are firmly convinced: on vacation the rich had to save. And even a decent hotel proved to be unaffordable.

“In principle, normally dressed as any other people, Well, if they position themselves as people who dress only in luxury stores, it is – Yes, the failure” – wrote fans youth telestroke.