Victoria romanet allowed himself to criticize Zhenya Feofilaktova

So, Eugenia Feofilaktova has repeatedly accused his former wife of Anton is not only the lack of material aid, but also his unwillingness to spend time with Daniel, instead, all thoughts of Anton were busy with the device personal life, the website life-dom2.su.

However, if you believe the words of Victoria, the Jack is slightly disingenuous, calling Anton a bad father. In the post-wedding interview with Victoria highlighted Feofilaktova itself often hinders the communication of the father and the son and is calling ex-wife asking to take the child only if the nanny takes time off.

“Such a great interview all about yourself and where in these outpourings Feofilaktova? Even in the title it is labelled as the main problem. I wonder how many more they will recall the case last year, when Eugene gave the son, the celebration of the second birthday” – asked the fans of “House 2”.