Victoria Lopyreva broke a rib on vacation in Greece

Model, TV presenter and simply beauty Victoria Lopyreva now enjoys a holiday in Sunny Greece. Passive recreation in the form of lying on the beach and drinking cocktails, Victoria chose something more exciting. Armed with a Board for surf and paddle, Vick went to surf the water spaces. This ride was to be remembered as a model for a long time because we did it with a broken rib.

Details of obtaining such a nasty injury Lopyreva says. However, shares with followers the opinion of her mother concerning the nature of her restless daughter: “Girl with a paddle ???? or broken rib never hurt anyone ???????????? sometimes my mom says probably easier to be a mom of three sons, one a rambunctious daughters, I ???? I’m all the time somewhere mchu, do something to stop me is almost impossible! Thanks to my friends and family for that you accept me for who I am!”

Followers Vicky said that I admire this blond beauty, adding that to be always on the move much more entertaining than running in place and nothing to do.

Source: russianshowbiz.info
Photo: russianshowbiz.info

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