Victoria Dayneko reacted harshly to accusations of anorexia – 24???

30-year-old Russian singer Victoria Dayneko responded harshly to fans on the accusations of anorexia. Previously, she posted a video on Instagram, which appeared painfully thin.

In July 2017 Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman filed for divorce. Kleiman became the initiator of divorce proceedings, despite the fact that together with Dayneko it fosters year-old daughter.

Fans of the actress agreed that due to a sudden divorce, the girl lost so much weight. In response Daineko said that does not suffer from anorexia and looks perfectly normal. Later, the singer in a separate post criticized the users in the Network, accusing it of excessive thinness.

Victoria Dayneko | tvcenter.ru “People who write this, you’re seriously so brainless? You have some extremes! “Fat” “anorexic” and stuff like that. I feel great! Criticize his image in the mirror, and keep away from me. I feel good,” wrote Daineko.