Victoria Dayneko accused of slander – 24???

Xenia, a former friend of Russian singer Victoria Dayneko, accusing the star of libel. According to Kseniya, she didn’t steal the girlfriend of the husband, therefore, the statements of the singer lies, informs “StarHit”.

As you know, in September Victoria has formalized the divorce with Dmitry Kleiman. Soon, the singer posted on the social network post that was addressed to Xenia. The star of the Russian show-business friend accused of treason, stating that a friend stole her husband. Several hours later, Victoria deleted the post.

Ksenia and Viktoria Dayneko

Ksenia responded to the relevant statements Daineko. The girl said that a happy marriage with her husband, Rostislav, so reason to change the beloved she was not. In addition, she added that it was ready to sue the singer if she does not cease to speak publicly with such accusations.