Victoria Bonya has long been hiding his secret marriage

Victoria Bonya has long tied the official knot. The identity of the spouse star keeps all in secret.

Victoria Bonia said that he had become a married lady. The other day a former star of House 2, and now model and TV presenter announced that she had a husband.

This recognition was made during the live broadcast of domestic stars. Conversing with fans, Bonia dropped: “the Husband is at work…” and presented the coveted ring on “that finger” of the right hand.

That 37-year-old Victoria began a new novel became known in March of this year. Then she said that preparing for the wedding. Apparently, this plan was put into action. I wonder what she has so far refused to reveal the lucky, whom she married.

Probably last experience taught Boni not to show his happiness. “Yes, I have a husband. But I won’t show you. And don’t tell anything about him!” intriguing Victoria.

Spouse Bonnie was great with her daughter from a five-year civil marriage with Alex Smerfit — Angelina. Says Bonia, he was able to approach the girl. “We have Angelina going crazy right now for the leopards. So my husband sent her a huge leopard, which now guards her sleep!” — said Victoria, pointing at the camera, a big plush toy.

By the way, Smurfit, apparently, too will soon leave the ranks of bachelors. More recently, he became social events predstavlenia his beloved “bride”. Victoria recently revealed that managed to keep Alex friendly relations. She confessed that she cherishes them and wishes him luck.