Victoria Bonya became the star of the Western media because of suspicions of espionage

Remember, we told you about how the airport in Los Angeles Victoria Bonia took on the Russian spy? Today, this history has received continuation. Several foreign publications, including Daily Mail and New York Post, started out really Bonya – mishandled Cossack.

That’s what this says about Victoria herself: “a Few months ago, I was on the top crust where interested in the camera for nannies, allowing to observe the child and his environment when you’re not home — said Victoria. — The sellers gave me a card, I automatically put it in the wallet and forgot about it. And I must say that the company name had the word Spy — “spy”. It’s funny, but for some reason the card that I was given in Moscow “Gorbushka” was the inscription in English. (Laughs.) And now, after a few months I arrive in Los Angeles and at the border the officer casually and very cute, with a smile, interested in some stock, as I thought, things: “And how do you like Putin?”, “And how many do you have cash?”.

Well, I, suspecting nothing, say — great, we all love the President. The officer asked: “can you a spy?” I laughed in response. He asked again, and I still did not believe in the seriousness of the situation. And only when he for the third time and have earnestly asked the spy if I do not work for the KGB, I realized that everything is real. Say, no, I’m not a spy! And the officer, meanwhile, pulls out of my wallet card with Cap that says “Spy”. I tried to explain what it is. Said that I am Russian TV presenter and was able to convince him that do not pose a threat only when we showed him the accounts in social networks and articles about themselves in Google”.

Curiously, this story was given so much attention by the Western media. Maybe true, is not unreasonable?


Source: hellomagazine.com
Photo: instagram.com

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