Victoria Bonia was walking in Cannes, decoration for 5 million rubles

This year at the Cannes film festival famous fashion model, TV presenter, star of reality show “Dom-2” Victoria Bonia caused a stir. And the reason is not only stunning star shape and elegant outfit selected for the ceremony. On the red carpet Bonia walked into an expensive jewelry set. In the network, its cost is estimated in 5 million roubles.


In such a expensive jewelry 37-year-old Bonya appeared on the closing ceremony of the 70-th Cannes film festival, which took place on may 28.

Before showing the final tape of the festival stars traditionally gather on the red carpet. Here they show us their outfits and accessories, that the press is discussing the rest of the year.

Caused a stir on the red carpet of the Victoria Bon. She appeared in front of an audience and cameras in a dramatic outfit Vicedomini. This lush dress in black, with elegant lace.

However, attracted the attention of Bonia is not only a Royal dress and jewelry, which it complements its look. Hollywood gloss Victoria added earrings and ring, De Grisogono. Seth looked extremely expensive. As and cost.


Paparazzi found out that the set of De Grisogono can only be purchased in multi-brand store Mercury. The price of Seth, who was walking in Cannes Bonia, is 5 million rubles.

Ventaglio earrings made of white gold inlaid with black and white diamonds are approximately 4.2 million rubles, but the Chiocciola ring with pear-shaped stones a little less — about 1, 238 million rubles.

It is unknown how Bonnie’s like this jewelry set. It is possible that the star has rented it or it was a gift from her husband, or her rich suitor. In any case, Victoria was the most discussed VIPs at the festival.

In narrow circles began to say that so Victoria takes revenge on her former lover, father of her daughter, the millionaire Alex Smurfit. Cannes young man arrived, accompanied by a new passion, which is similar to a long-standing opponent of Boni Alain Vodonaevu.

We will remind, in February 2017, the presenter announced the severance of relations with Alex, which began in 2010. According to her, the young men remained friends. They still call each other and together are raising 4-year-old daughter angelina Leticia.

Source: http://www.starslife.ru/2017/05/30/viktoriya-bony…a-5-mln-rublej
Photo: www.woman.ru

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