Victoria Bonia was criticized for her new tattoo


On the third of August 2017 well-known Russian model, who lives now lives in Hollywood, Victoria Bonya shared on the social network Instagram a video in which she is depicted making a tattoo. Fans of celebrities do not like that it spoils your skin with tattoos.

Victoria Bonya shared the video with the tattoo parlor

On the third of August 2017 famous Russian model Victoria Bonya posted on his personal page in social networks Instagram new video. In this video she is depicted in a tattoo Studio. It starts with a demonstration of the interior of the cabin. On his walls hung many portraits of celebrities and samples for which the visitors can choose a tattoo.

Next frame moves on the Victoria Bonia, which sits in a special chair. The woman, dressed in a brown dress with white polka dots, stretch the right arm the tattoo artist. At first, she closely followed the actions of men, and then looked into the camera and winked to his followers. Hairy tattoo master in the purple shirt is not distracted from the process and prepare a hand drawing.

Celebrity clearly was worried that it was going to happen. Victoria Bonia said she didn’t expect to take such a step. Male tattoo done special large needle. During the process, she complained of slight pain in the hand, which was applied to the figure, and in the other hand she was holding her smartphone, how do I broadcast to their followeres in Instagram.

At the end of the video was shown itself tattoo Studio and outside Victoria Bonya who was standing with a tattoo on his arm. The picture itself was very small and fit on the finger of her right hand. In the caption to the video, the star wrote that it was the first and last tattoo that she ever did. Video for ten hours since the publication has been viewed more than one hundred and eighty thousand times.

The reaction of fans on tattoo of Victoria Boni

From the comments under the video, shared on his page on Instagram Victoria Bonya, it became clear that the tattoo of a celebrity for many users the Network was a real surprise. Few could believe that the model is really immortalized on your body figure, because previously she has repeatedly expressed that she is opposed to this.

However, what is done is done, and we can not change anything. Overall, netizens were dissatisfied with the decision of Victoria Boni. They began to criticize her for what she mutilated his body and said that she didn’t have to do that. They also began to ask what prompted the celebrity to such a step and what it depicts. The last question Victoria Bonia replied briefly, but quite succinctly. She stated that the tattoo should not be made public because she was doing it for himself. This implies that in the near future, the public is unlikely to know the celebrity depicted a celebrity on your finger.

After such a response the users of the social network and had to guess what the artist wanted to leave on his body. Among the most popular options are: the initials of her daughters initials or a loved one; an important symbol of life; a kind of “winged” quote in Latin; a reminder on what it could achieve or what it should never do.

Also among users of social network Instagram have been ardent fans of tattoos, which began to praise a celebrity for her tattoo. They said that Victoria Bonia is a great man; if she went to such a step. However, the number of people, a negative attitude towards tattooing famous Russian model, clearly exceeded the number of fans of the new design on the body of Victoria Boni.