Victoria Bonia was accused of PR on the death Baranovskaya

Victoria Bonia faced with many accusations of involvement in the scandalous PR on the death Baranovskaya, who died from cancer. The singer was unable to contain his anger and replied with dignity in a social network.


Around disease Stella Baranovskaya spun many famous personalities, including Victoria Bonia. Actors and artists of the Russian show-business expressed willingness to help than anyone the young girl in the fight against her illness. Doctors diagnosed her with progressive lymphoblastoma, that is, cancer of the circulatory system. Today, September 8, Stella buried on one of the city’s cemeteries.

In a Network there was a critical, sarcastic comments about what the star of the show-business specially collected money from stars, knowing that the disease is unbeatable. Victoria Bonia was enraged by such a response. In anger she wrote that these bloggers can drive the conversations in the coffin of any. This cry Boney touched Madina Tetraenol, which directly accused the deceased in the simulation. Bonia wrote that such people are simply impossible to wash away the shame with their dirty souls.