Victoria Bonia told the truth about the relationship with ex-husband

Victoria Bonia told about his relationship with former husband Alex Servicom. Even after the breakup they remained friends.


Earlier this year, fans and the press began to actively discuss the subject of what famous couple broke up. The couple lived together for more than five years, they have a daughter Angelina. Victoria Bonia all the time while she was asked about the breakup, did not confirm the rumors that she and her husband broke up. Some rumors say that the motive for the breakup was the cheating of Smurfit.

After leaving Victoria Bonia, as they could have denied this speculation. She said she and her husband remained friends, and the reason for the gap was that their feelings had already faded. After relations Alex smerfit began an affair with 19-year-old model. In turn, Bonia recently revealed that she has a young man, but any details of the relationship and the name of the beloved, she did not tell.

Some of the fans of the famous couple still hope that the couple reunited. Because of this, Victoria Bonia decided to make a statement in which he wished his former wife happiness. She also said that her road relationship with Servicom as a friend, but they broke fate, so they will never be together.

Even despite the fact that she just went through a breakup with her husband, Victoria Bonya continues an active life and often appears in front of the cameras.