Victoria Bonia shaves his forehead and encouraged to follow her example

Victoria Bonya often with your fans shares her beauty secrets. But it was a narrow topic in Instagram, which took just a few minutes. Now Victoria has decided to expand its activities and become a blogger that will instruct the girls on the path of beauty and attractiveness. Bonia has managed to tell about what is the success of the perfect shooter. In the new issue of the ex-participant of “House-2” have undertaken to correct the facial shape and growth lines. To do this, Vick took a nylon thread and a razor! Yes, Yes, you have no illusion – it was the razor.

According to Boni, the nature of her small forehead, which looks inharmonious with its prominent cheekbones. This method allows the star to achieve facial symmetry.

Members Bonnie was delighted that she with them so outspoken and not shy to talk about those things that many probably would’ve hid, “Thanks, will adopt this way”, “just What the victims does not require beauty)”, “Thank you) just like!))” — wrote loyal followers.

We will remind, recently Victoria announced the breakup with the father of her child, Alex Servicom. But a long walk “on the shelf” Bonya and thought, and find a new chosen one, which is soon going to marry: “I have five minutes to married. In love with this man that you even can not imagine such wisdom. I just love his brain. I love people with brains”.

Source: cosmo.ru
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