Victoria Beckham could be in big trouble

2017-th year for Victoria Beckham started with two bad news.

One of the most successful designers of great Britain will soon risk to face difficulties, for which she will have to leave her beloved country.

The fact that Vicky got more than unpleasant message from Companies House — British Registration chamber. The report said that Beckham may make it impossible to conduct business. For the designer it’s a real shock and the collapse of all dreams. The decision of the British registration chamber can be connected with the fact that Victoria is late in filing financial statements. The question of whether to exclude Beckham or give her a chance to be rendered until February 2017.

If Victoria will be denied the opportunity of doing business in the UK, it is possible that it “will carry” his work in the United States. By the way, recently the Beckhams got in the “States” property, which is estimated at several tens of millions of dollars.

The second nuisance, which spoiled the mood Beckham – she may not get the title of the dames, which was announced a few days ago.

The fact that one of the rules of the ceremony of awarding the title is silence. Officially, the names of the holders of the order may read only the officials of the Buckingham Palace. David Beckham, when he learned that it put a reward, he told the whole world in Instagram.

Now representatives of the court to declare that their actions and disregard for the rules of etiquette she questioned the admissibility of the candidate to retrieve its honor.

Source: news.rambler.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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