Vera Glagoleva, the latest news: the actress was frightened of the terrible disease

Around the death of famous Russian actress Vera Glagoleva hovering a large amount of information. In particular, fans excitedly discussing the recent media information about the fact that the artist could not die of stomach cancer. At least, this version was her family.

Speak about the deceased celebrity and many of her friends. So, TV presenter Andrey Maksimov said that once Glagoleva “exploded” when frankly admitted that “never change”.

Andrey Maksimov admitted that he was not at the funeral, Vera Glagoleva, for which publicly asked for forgiveness from her family. “In fact, it was so big, this little Vera Glagoleva. She made the lives of many people. It is not by chance called “the Musketeers” – she loved to come to the rescue. It was enough for all,” said Maksimov, saying that when his wife was in the hospital, came to him Vera Glagoleva with “lots of products”. She also helped in finding doctors.

“I remember she told me about her illness. Never before or after have I seen Faith scared. The weeping saw – frightened, no. It was a long time ago. And she began to be treated. Hard to believe that she managed to win – she even refused the chemo. It seemed that she should never die, because Faith was the embodiment of life. She was one of those women who never age. And when she lost weight, we all said, “Vera, you look good…” – said TV presenter.

Noteworthy is the fact that in the world of culture Vera Glagoleva never played a negative role. As noted by Maximov, this was her position. Neither as an actress nor as a Director she couldn’t stand his characters sentences, offering the audience to reflect on the characters.

“It was very interesting to talk to. And very interested to take an interview in any public speech she never mentioned the problem: did not want to load the viewer. During the interview, always spoke intelligently, paradoxically, is trouble – free,” said Maximov.

In conclusion, he touching way appealed to the Vera Glagoleva: “Vera, how is it?! How can you not read the text? And don’t call and say sheepishly, “Thanks. But this is too much”? And maybe, read? You’re still somewhere nearby. You just can’t leave…”