Vera Glagoleva: the best movies and role – 24???

16 August 2017 in the US on 62-m to year of life died actress Vera Glagoleva. Network data confirmed her friend Larisa Guzeeva, cause of death — cancer.

A month before the death of Vera Glagoleva married the youngest daughter Anastasia Subsky. The wedding of the daughter of the actress took place on 8 July 2017. Husband Shubsky became a Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. The organization of the celebration was doing the best Metropolitan professionals, and a place for a Banquet is appropriate, the residence of the President of Russia, the Meyendorff castle near Moscow in Barvikha.

Wedding photos Vera Glagoleva looks fragile and a bit sad, as usually look mothers giving daughters in marriage. But there was another reason — the day of the wedding, she was terminally ill.

Vera Glagoleva and Kirill Shubsky at his daughter’s wedding | hellomagazine.com

In may this year it was reported that Vera Glagoleva was in intensive care with suspected cancer. According to several sources, the actress for the past few years have seen specialists and regularly held courses of blood transfusion. But then close Glagoleva denied poor health and the likelihood of cancer, the actress.

Vera Glagoleva – the best role

We bring you the best movies and roles by Vera Glagoleva, a talented actress, Director and one of the most beautiful women in the domestic show-business.

“On Thursday and never again” (1977)
Best movies and roles Vera Glagoleva: “on Thursday and never again”

Starring in the film theater Director Anatoly Efros “on Thursday and never again” performed by Vera Glagoleva and Oleg Dal. Moscow doctor’s moving in with a girl. He decides to visit his mother in the performance of Lyubov Dobriansky living in the reserve. She delicately reports that the girl Cooking was pregnant with his child.

“Do not shoot in white swans” (1980)
Best movies and roles Vera Glagoleva: “do Not shoot in white swans”

In the drama based on the novel by Boris Vasilyev “do Not shoot white swans” Vera Glagoleva played the role of the teacher, Nona Yurievna. The film tells about the life of Yegor Polushkin performed by Stanislav Lyubshin. The main character lives in the village and very different from their neighbors. The man nicknamed “Bednost” — a true artist, gifted with their personal perception of life. Egor finds something for everyone — finds a job as a gamekeeper.

“To marry the captain” (1985)
Best movies and roles Vera Glagoleva: “to marry the captain”

Romance directed by Vitaly Melnikov “to marry the captain” is one of the most famous works by Vera Glagoleva as an actress. She played the role of photographer Lena, who meets the main character — captain-frontier guard Alexander Blinov. A man tries to “educate” frivolous Elena, but attempts are futile. After a quarrel the woman herself comes to Blinov to Express their feelings.

“Descended from heaven” (1986)
Best movies and roles Vera Glagoleva: “Descended from heaven”

In the film “Descended from heavens” Vera Glagoleva played the main female role of Masha. Her partner on the set was unbeatable Alexander Abdulov (Sergei). The film tells about the life in the postwar years. Sergey and Masha are trying to live a normal life — raising a son, together, overcome adversity and rejoice in little victories. The tragic denouement of the film leaves the viewer indifferent.

“Bednaya Sasha” (1997)
Best movies and roles Vera Glagoleva: “Poor Sasha”

In the romantic Christmas Comedy Vera Glagoleva played the role of strong and independent women, the administering Bank. Olga a daughter Sasha. The child has an acute shortage of mother’s attention and goes to extreme measures to charge him. Girl Sasha is associated with a former prisoner by Alexander zbrueva and blackmail forced to Rob a Bank mother.

“One war” (2009)
Best movies and roles by Vera Glagoleva “One war”

Among the best movies, Vera Glagoleva it is necessary to mention the works in which it was directed. In the film “One war”, which tells about the lives of five women with children in 1945, starred eldest daughter Glagoleva from his first marriage to Rodion by Nahapetavan — Anna nahapetova. The protagonist of the picture by Alexander Balueva protects families on the island in the middle of lake Ladoga. Their only connection with the outside world — the boatman Mihalich.