Vera Brezhnev will become the leading music show on STS – 24???

35-year-old Russian singer Vera Brezhneva will be leading the new musical show “Success”. September 1, STS has completed the casting for the project.

The centerpiece of the show “Success” is the international format of The Final Four. In parallel with STS his version of the show is preparing the American channel Fo?. However, in Russia this show will see the first. According to the rules of the show in the first release of the audience and the jury will have to choose four singers who will continue performance on the national stage. The duties of Vera Brezhneva will include support of participants for several weeks of the project.

Vera Brezhneva | hochu.ua

Brezhnev in an interview “Around.TV” also reminded, as was in the group “VIA Gra” during the look-alike contest, the participating groups.

“There are girls on stage, give them microphones and asked them to perform “Attempt ?5”. Suddenly the blonde refuses to sing, and at that moment I stood in front of the stage and quickly responded: “I sing!”. I was invited on to the stage, the room held”, – said Leonid Brezhnev.