Vera Brezhnev shared secret: Stars too betray?

Never losing heart but in his disappointed in the loved one, as told in his Instagram. The singer generally prefers not to dwell on the events in her personal life, but this post was no exception. The girl told about your pain because of disappointments in loved ones, but said she plans to take it all to follow on. This is not surprising, because the Belief – optimistic in life, but if the scale of unpleasant emotions has increased too, they just need to vent, and that made the singer, sharing thoughts with millions of their subscribers.




2 Aug Vera published a photo on which she stands on the bridge in a beautiful white dress surrounded by a “haze” of soap bubbles. It is in a bubble, according to her has turned anything before in her life. But, anyway, this is also the experience, even if it is very bitter, said Brezhnev. It is important in such moments to accept the situation, to understand and realize what you need to continue your path without negativity. The singer has also wished all the love and thanked everyone who always with her.



About the nature of the event, Brezhnev chose to remain silent, which gave rise in the minds of fans of a lot of guesswork and assumptions. What happened? Someone from the family could disappoint the singer? Perhaps the husband Konstantin Meladze, betrayed radiant Brezhnev?



Fans of the singer in the discussions expressed their support for the Brezhnev advised not to lose heart and to follow further. Comments left and detractors of the singer, who wrote: “as you sow, so shall you reap”, saying that the singer has taken Meladze from the family, and now she feels like it. Some critics noted that shortly Brezhnev as a companion of the composer will replace one of the current wards Meladze, and in particular blonde Erica Herceg – soloist of VIA Gra.



Perhaps Konstantin Meladze on the page not accidentally published a video for the song VIA Gra “goodbye, it was fine” Wednesday night. But no comment from the star couple on this account has not yet been reported. In marriage with his ward Konstantin has entered in 2015, two years after her divorce from ex-wife and mother of three children, Jana Amounts. Painting with Faith was held behind closed doors, in secret, in Italy. As told by ex-wife Meladze, the relationship between Brezhneva singer and composer began in 2005-2007, and they were both not free, but Constantine was in no hurry to divorce, the decision it took Yana.



Constantine, like his brother Valery, carefully concealed personal life from the public eye, so social networking is not to find pictures of this nature. But the Network got photos of the brothers, who were vacationing on the French Riviera with their families in July. The in his microblog published eldest daughter Valeria 25-year-old Inga. The photo shows Constantine with Faith and Valery with her two daughters. Family photo everyone is happy and seemingly nothing portends trouble. In fact, it is not known which of the loved ones could bring frustration and pain into the soul of the singer Brezhneva.



Also recently, the singer was vacationing with her sisters: Victoria, Anastasia and Galina in the Italian town of Camaiore, she has published with them a joint picture in the social network. It was in Italy that the singer has filmed a video “my Girl” with the participation of their relatives: mothers, sisters, and nieces three years ago.



Visit Brezhnev also have pictures with their daughters: 16-year-old Sonia and 8-year-old Sarah. You know, the youngest daughter of Faith and 13-year-old daughter of Constantine Leah found a common language, which is evident from the published on the page of the singer a video where Sarah hugs Leah. Also Brezhnev repeatedly commented on the publication of LII in Instagram and bestowed her with compliments. The second daughter of Constantine name is Alice, she is 17 years old.



Being a guest on a cooking programme with Ivan Urgant, Vera also revealed some details of his personal life, which happens rarely. The actress revealed that family members blamed her for the fact that she rarely eats because of his tight tour schedule. The singer is aware of this issue, as in questions of a balanced diet has some knowledge, but nothing you can do. Because of this sometimes conflicts arise, admitted the ex-soloist of VIA Gra. Faith said that she liked to watch and enjoy the food she makes man. Revelation was the fact that the stove at home, the singer is rarely caught, since I cook mostly children or husband Konstantin Meladze.



Valery, brother of Constantine, also divorced his first wife Irina, with whom he raised three daughters. Their marriage lasted 25 years. He divorced three years ago and went to another ex-soloist of VIA Gra Albina Dzhanabaeva. It is at that point already brought from him an illegitimate son named Constantine. Later Albina Valeria gave birth to another son Luca.



How true are the rumors about the possible divorce of Faith and Constantine to today, unknown, and unknown and who is close to people can cause heartache Brezhneva, turning all that was in a fragile soap bubble. If we are stealthy enough Faith can’t remain silent about this, then perhaps there was something serious and the news of this soon everyone will know. May indeed be true the statement that “on someone else’s misfortune happiness can not be built”.