Vera Brezhnev called “centipede”

Shopaholic is considered a mental illness

New photo of Vera Brezhnev in Instagram struck its subscribers is a singer for the winter season bought a few dozen pairs of shoes. Boots and shoes so much, that in order for them to take, it took a special cargo truck.

“It got cold. It’s time to change the “rubber”. Who can guess how much I bought pairs?”, — Brezhnev asked the followers.

They were surprised and, in turn, asked the singer: how many feet?

By the way, many stars acquire outfits on a weekly basis. For example, boasts a large closet producer Yana Rudkovskaya, which is for dresses and suits luxury brands started a separate large room or Nikolay Baskov, Filipp Kirkorov, the video for their costumes rent apartments.