Venya drkin: star of the first magnitude

Venya drkin the level of talent is among the brightest stars of Russian rock. Nevertheless, the work of Benjamin know not all fans of the genre. Who is Venia, what song of his and why he was not included among the most recognizable rockers of the post-Soviet space?
Who is Veniamin D’rkin?
The real name of the poet, musician and storyteller — Alexander Litvinov. He was born in the Luhansk region in 1970. After high school, Alexander enrolled in a military school. Then he changed his mind to make a career of the military, so he entered the Donetsk “Polytech”. Study something did not happen. Alexander went on to serve in the army.
After the army Litvinov arrived in agricultural Institute in Lugansk. At this time he started to write songs. The Institute Sasha met pam who a few years became his wife. Pauline supported the poetic and musical undertakings of Alexander. Later, pam did everything to keep creativity Litvinov.
Alias “Venya drkin” appeared in 1994. Alexander arrived with pam at the festival of art song “Oskolsky Lira” in Stary Oskol. At the time of registration of a joke Sasha had called Benjamin by Darkinym from the village Maksutovna. Litvinov became the laureate of the festival. The stage name “Vinnie Durkin” he maintained.
Later, the name has changed: the village version of the letter “s” was replaced by the French noble-noble “D’rkin” after the apostrophe. Nonetheless preserved the irony and simplicity.
From 1994 to 1997 venja speaks and writes songs on a tape recorder. D’rkin trying to become famous in Moscow. He performs at clubs, festivals. A talented poet notice media. He appears in the air of regional television channels and radio stations.
Alexander fell just short to the thunder in the whole country. He had to speak close to kinchevym and Butusov, to get the audience to “Invasion” and to give recitals at the JCC in St. Petersburg and “Olympic” in Moscow. Perhaps with the CCM and the “Olympic” bust, as these areas are more likely to make pop stars. Heaven decreed otherwise. In 1997, Alexander got sick. The doctors diagnosed him with blood cancer. While the strength Litvinov spoke, wrote and recorded the songs. He died in the late summer of 1999, in the suburban Queen. Buried in the Luhansk region.
“To define is to limit”
This quote of Oscar Wilde you need to keep in mind those who are trying to push creativity Veni D rkina in frameworks of any genre or even a few. Songs by Alexander Litvinov, very original, different, unlike anything.
The shape of the work of Benjamin in the first place refers to the author’s song or bard rock. Most surviving records Dircinha — singing for an acoustic guitar. So has recorded and performed Vizbor, Okudzhava, Vysotsky, Bashlachev.
The content and emotional content creativity Veni D rkin refers to bard rock and Russian rock. Genre “Russian rock” is different from a rock in General, just deep content texts, and some hysterical, sincerity. And songs Veni very precisely conform to this definition. Litvinov poetry is poetry of the silver age, put on a modern yard motives. It’s not about primitive music with three thieves chords, and most of those songs Vysotsky and bashlacheva that in the 80-s and 90-ies often sounded in the cozy courtyards of urban apartment blocks.
In verse Veni has a special aesthetics. They are simple and ornate at the same time. They are clearly decadent. The author focuses on the inner world, their feelings. He interprets the surrounding reality through the prism of a singular personality, which is in every man. This sub — personality- a small child who doesn’t want to put up with the absurdity of the routine in all its manifestations.
Sings about what a joy Dyrkin? To answer this question, as the work Litvinova is very personal. Benjamin songs evoke emotions, feelings, associations that vary from person to person. Therefore it is better not to interpret the content of the poems D rkina and enjoy his work.
And if
The subjunctive does not change anything: Bashlachev was halfway through the window, Choi lost control of the car, Wen D rkin took the disease. However, assumptions and imagination help to see the scale of the individual and value the artistic gift of Alexander Litvinov, from a different angle. If fate decreed otherwise, Benjamin would be a notable and famous person. Yes, in a vague and troubled 90 years of the provincial artist had a hard time. Like many talented and creative people, the Lithuanians were far from Commerce and show business. He wanted to write and sing, not PR and to sell yourself.
But the talent D rkina could not remain unnoticed. The story is confirmed — the song Veni listen to and love many years after the departure of the author. If the singer left, it would know a lot more people.
Hardly the blame would be on the “Song of the year”. His hits wouldn’t be on the “Russian radio”. But Dyrkin would have its own audience and quiet glory. Venya would never mainstream artist. But it is not necessary. Every artist sings for those who are willing to listen to him. And Wen are willing to listen to the true connoisseurs of Russian rock and bard songs.
Dmitry Dementia

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