Velikoretsky icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

St. Nicholas is the most famous and revered among all the saints. To its help resort of Christians from all over the world, the power of God the Saint knows no bounds. If you are experiencing emotional difficulties or having problems, you will help the power of the Holy image.

The magic happened in the village under the name of Velikoretskoye. The story of the mysterious appearance of the wonderworking image gathers thousands of pilgrims around the world in this Holy place. On the old piece of iron that was intended for the construction, originated in the guise of Nicholas.

History of the icon

It all happened when one of the servants of the monastery felt as if someone else is in the yard. Looking back, he saw that the old, long-forgotten piece of metal products made the face of St. Nicholas.

People believe that the appearance of the image at this time is not accidental. The guise of a miracle worker stood out through three days after the feast of St. Nicholas. That day the first service was held in the restored Church which bears the name in honor of the Saint.

The Shrine was bright. She had helped heal one local resident. The poor man lost the use of his legs, but after the prayer made in the presence of the Holy, a miracle happened, and the resident was again able to walk. After healing manifested by the icons was going to a place to pray before the image of St. Nicholas. By the river Great he built a chapel of wood. The image has gained huge popularity and was moved to Khlynov, where she was placed in the Church of St. Procopius of Ustiug.

The transfer of Lika, Khlynov of Krutitsy became known Velikoretsky religious procession. After this event it is held once a year. Later, Ivan the terrible ordered the icon was moved to the Cathedral of the Dormition in Moscow.

Where is the icon

In Russia, many churches where you can find the icon. Genuine relic kept in St. Nicholas Church, Uspensky monastery.

What helps the miraculous image

This Holy image helps to heal various diseases, especially associated with feet. Sincere prayer will help your heart to heal and find inner peace.

Description of the icon

The icon for the zone depicted Nicholas the Wonderworker, and around 8 prints depicting miracles performed by Nicholas. On the neck of the Saint, the cross, and in his hand he holds the Holy Scriptures.

The celebration of the

The celebration of the icon occurs on 3 June. In temples and monasteries held a solemn service. In Trifonova the monastery is held annually in a procession.

Prayer before the icon

“Oh, our benevolent Father Nicholas! You’re a teacher of all believers, the righteous of God. Pray You listen to me and do not leave unattended. Protect me from trouble and disease, heal my soul and give me inner peace. Protect me from all dashing, and ask thou of the Lord, that He showed infinite mercy, for with Him in Heaven, you are. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.”

The icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker appeared to the people in a miraculous way that does not give room for doubt in the Divine presence. The image of Saint Nicholas will give your home the intercession and patronage in the most difficult moments of life. The strength of the Saint of God is infinite and stretches on all spheres of life. Prayers to the Wonderworker, grant wishes and heal from bodily and spiritual ailments. We wish you peace and strong faith. Be happy