Vegetarian Leonardo DiCaprio had dinner with a steak

Not in word but in deed. Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio was caught in a lie. The star of “Titanic”, “Survivor”, “Start” and other epic films have recently visited Scotland, where they dined at popular restaurant, the Chop and Ale House a juicy steak with potatoes. And all anything, if for an hour before he was crucified on the Scottish Business Awards ceremony on the benefits of vegetarianism and the harms of cattle.

In a fiery speech Leo, a great defender of the environment, said that the waste of cattle, in particular dairy and poultry farms, cause more damage to environment than industrial enterprises. In the end, DiCaprio stated that vegetarian diet and encourages all to follow his example.
This is not the first time when DiCaprio was caught in a lie. So, vegetarian Leonardo chef another Scottish restaurant Home Cafe boasted that he, Leonardo DiCaprio tasted his lamb cooked in special recipe. Have Leo and favorite “meat” place in Los Angeles. For example, the restaurant Workshop, where, as it turned out, great steaks, able to change the principles of life the DiCaprio.
Also a big conservationist often flies private jets and relax on the yacht with huge engines. Criticism does not affect the way his life and to follow his words, Leo does not seem.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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