Vasily Utkin will become the leading culinary show – 24???

Vasily Utkin, the Russian commentator and journalist, will be leading the culinary rubric on the TV channel “Friday!”. Broadcaster joined the show “Friday Morning”, according to Around.TV.

From 18 September, the TV channel Utkin will tell the audience about the tested recipes. In the popular program experts will share useful lifehacks and advice.

Sam Basil, commenting on his new job, said that he such activities seemed interesting. According to celebrity, he loves to cook and often friends who come to visit him, delicious.

Vasily Utkin | Baskino “the Important thing is that it’ll be delicious!”, said the presenter.

Recall that in may 2017 Utkin said he will leave the job on TV. About the decision of the sports commentator announced after the match “Fulham”–”reading”. Many fans of celebrities was disappointed to hear this news.