Vasily Sigarev accused the film company “Paradise” in the non-payment of money, received with box office receipts of the film in theaters

The Director of the Comedy film “OZ” Vasily Sigarev demanded from the distributors money from the fees of the film. As told reporters Sigarev, the film company “Paradise” for a year holds and does not give him the money earned on the rolled tape.

Basil argues that the rights holder of the film company “White mirror”, distributors only paid 5.4 million rubles instead of the promised ten, and Sigareva of this amount owed ten percent. Their Director, respectively, also did not see.
Basil promises to use all my contacts and tell them about the unreliability of partners all their colleagues to alert them to those not contacted the company”scammers.” Sigareva wife Yana Troyanova supported her husband and posted a similar message on his page in the social network. She also said that “Paradise” do not give them money, citing the fact that it is alleged the theaters keep some of the revenue and do not pay their distributors.
Tape “Oz” — Christmas tale-adventure saleswoman from Ekaterinburg Lena Sabotinova, which can not get to work because of the phantasmagoric incident. The main roles in the film played by Yana Troyanova, Gosha Kutsenko.Yu Alexander Bashirov, Andrey Ilyenkov and others.

Source: https://lenta.ru
Photo: http://astv.ru

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