Vampire Saga “Let me in” will become a series

Vampire Saga “Let me in” will become a series

Based on the novel yuna Ajvide Lindqvist, “Let me in” will form the basis of the series of the channel TNT.

The show-run is assigned to the Creator of the “Werewolf” Jeff Davis. He also wrote the script of the pilot. Note also that the upcoming sixth season of the TV series “Werewolf”, which is Davis, will be the last.

“Let me in” was first filmed in his homeland, Sweden. Tomas Alfredson shot a dreary drama with horror elements about a boy-Oscar the outcast, who meets a strange girl, Eli. At school Oscar down, but once Ali’s fighting back the oppressors of his new friend. Boy falls in love with girl, but girl is a vampire.

Lindqvist novel came out in 2004 and instantly became a bestseller. The writer personally adapted the book for film Alfredson. The film received critical acclaim and several awards. The producer Carl Molinder will be the Executive producer of the series.

In 2010, Hollywood has attempted to remake. Matt Reeves took the Director’s chair and practically reproduced the time-lapse movie of Alfredson. Starring Kodi Smith-McPhee and Chloe Moretz. In the Russian hire the film received a rather ridiculous title “Let me in. Saga.

Picture with a budget of $ 20 million has not been successful at the box office, earning just 24 million in the world.


Source and photo: kinopoisk.ru