Valery Meladze: “When I first saw Albina, I have something jolted”

The singer — about the first communion with his future wife, favorite women’s attire and harassment in the address of Angelina Jolie

Ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” Albina dzhanabaeva recently presented the journalists his new concert program. And, of course, the evening included representatives of the family of the actress — her husband Valeriy Meladze with his brother Constantine. And journalists were interested in not only the songs of the singer, but also a revelation of Valery Meladze.

The producer seemed to be worried the most as I was the main organizer of the party. So first of all, Valeria was asked about the creative relationship with his wife.

“Today, Albina’s presentation. You have given her some tips in touch with the upcoming event?” — asked star wife.

“No, she has enough experience. It seems to me that the time has come when we have nothing to advise. Now is not the time to me or my brother Constantine intervened in this story. Although in terms of choosing the outfit for the performance, the wife consulted me. We stayed on the suit. I thought it was most fitting for the evening. By the way, I love Trouser suits. I think that Coco Chanel came up with once. As for the performances, I believe that the artist should have contact with the audience. Between the albino and the audience to be a dialogue. Today I just tried not to spoil her mood. She just needs a professional to do their job. And not so much to impress as to cause emotion: positive or pleasant sadness. People often go to concerts to experience emotions that do not feel every day in life. But if we should be surprised, it is possible, for example, to go to the circus. There may be something amazing, — said Valery. — Although, I confess, we have some things we say or don’t say. We can talk about anything. After I tell her about all sides of the performance. If something was wrong, how not to talk about it? How to fix the error, if they will, of course? And then it will be clear where to go”.

Present journalists have forgotten that the title of the PM “1+1”, so they could not ask what was the impression Meladze when he stayed with the albino one on one for the first time.

“I remember that feeling. Something started, in my opinion, in my soul, something skipped a beat then. And you see, now what happened”, — the artist admitted.

During the evening, he also asked questions, not only related to his wife Albina Dzhanabaeva. In particular, shortly before the presentation it became known that Angelina Jolie admitted that she harassed the producers. Journalists naturally asked what he thinks about it.

“This, in my opinion, it is flattering, in my opinion, she is not that beautiful.. But in General, men have to women. Just some do it a bit rougher, someone a little more delicately. But if someone takes care of her, nothing wrong with that. I think it may deal a blow as it should, judging by the film, which starred. She had her own way to figure it out. Or not to attract excessive attention, — says the artist. — And actually, I think that the use of his official position — is rudeness. No one should use their position: producer or head towards his Secretary.”

At the end of the evening he told an interesting detail from his life. In particular, how are his concerts if the artist loses his voice.

“Sometimes I’m tired, sleepy, like an exposed nerve, are in such an unstable state — and not just in this state are crazy concerts. Recently I phoniatr one said a paradoxical thing: that the artist is better not to sleep than have sex. Imagine! And I proved myself, just couldn’t figure this out. I have had gigs when I completely lost voice and asked the audience to help me: either we disagree or we all together have something to do. The audience helped: the musicians played and sang the audience as I could, I sang. It wasn’t the best concert in a vocal sense, but it was one of the craziest concerts in its energy. So the main thing is the emotional disposition and confidence,” concluded Valery Meladze.