Valery Leontiev was in the “black list” of the SBU

Famous Russian singer Valery Leontiev was banned on the territory of Ukraine, hitting a so-called “black list” of culture, which the security Service of Ukraine for one reason or another forbidden to cross the border of the state. This was the singer personally told the audience at a concert in the suburbs. during your tour, which is coming to an end.

Last Sunday Leontiev appeared in the house of culture Shchyolkovo, where between songs speculate about the pressing issues. So, Valery lamented that earlier the whole country, collected funds for Olympic facilities, and now – on the supports for the bridge across the Kerch Strait.
The singer said that he paid for his jokes and Frank conversation with their audience, and eventually hit “in the end fell into the lists of the entry-restricted to travel abroad”. For the sake of truth I must say. not jokes-pribautochki have led to the prohibition of entry into the territory of neighboring countries, and the performance of Leontiev in the Crimea(already after the annexation of the Peninsula, the artist has performed in Sudak, Yalta, Yevpatoria, Simferopol and other cities).
Valery was not the first artist, who for several years was not able to visit the small home. In a recent interview with Leontiev admitted that Ukraine is a home country because his mother was Ukrainian, and he himself gave many years of Lugansk Philharmonic.
“Today I’m sorry that I can not to go there, not for the money, no, but because ordinary people who are waiting for me in the twenty cities where I usually came on tour” he said and expressed hope that soon everything will change for the better.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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