Valery Leontiev is considering to leave the stage – 24???

68-year-old Russian singer Valery Leontev has declared, that considers an opportunity to temporarily leave the scene. In an interview with “StarHit” he admitted that he wants to take a vacation at least six months.

Leontiev believes that the artist needs a vacation like this a few times did Alla Pugacheva. Leontiev considers the opportunity to temporarily leave the scene because he feels that “painted itself”. However, to take a vacation he does not allow “a sense of duty to themselves and the public,” “self-esteem and confidence.”

Valery Leontiev | YouTube

Leontyev also said that his wife Lyudmila Isakovich lives in the US while he works in Russia. The woman often arrives in Moscow to restore order in the apartment Leontiev, since the artist is not enough time. The couple regularly communicate with each other on the phone.