Valerie frost is on the brink of conflict with Ksenia Borodina

Not the most pleasant impression left the test on the lie detector Zahara. It was then that Valeria told about the harassment to her boyfriend from Katie’s Zsuzsa, who was trying to steal her young man. Moreover, in order to gain the trust, Susan tried to be friends with her, although one of the main tasks was leading the keeping and observance of subordination with the parties of the “Island of love”, writes the site life-dom2.su.

Although Leroy wasn’t wrong, she still shouldn’t have said this in the presence of Borodina. Especially in light of the fact that She herself once, twice, had Affairs with members of telestroke. And one of them, Mikhail Terekhin, unceremoniously recaptured member of Feofilaktova.

“Yes on the project almost daily similar themes emerge and ignite similar conflicts, so I don’t think the possible long-term conflict between Mary and Leroy” – wrote fans of “House 2”.