Valerie frost and Zach Salenko can leave the project

However, after a clear hint from Dmitry Lukin, it becomes clear that frost and Salenko also were forced to leave the Perimeter. However, to the disappointment of some fans who may have hoped that proved to be not the best guys, will no longer appear on the air, were not justified, the website life-dom2.su.

If you believe the information from the network, the couple is well aware of the whole situation that happened with them and making plans to return. Fans, it is unclear whether the lovers left the show to vote or the participants found another way to get revenge for the events of the past.

“Leroy – the horror flying on the wings of night? She ought the gate, the extreme negativity just. And Zach missed, in vain to contact her, would be a normal girl probably would have stayed on the house” – suggested fans telestroke.