Valeria refused to eat

The famous Russian producer Iosif Prigozhin told about how his wife Valeria and mentee influence on him.

Prigogine stated that Valeria, who always looks great and is in excellent physical shape, stopped eating and Joseph “dragged” along.

According to producers, is a necessary measure to which their family had to resort to keep himself under its weight, “Because Valeria is very attentive to his diet, Angela is preparing mostly for the kids and me. Valeria for a healthy lifestyle: count calories and carefully watching what cooks assistant. The traditional Breakfast: porridge, scrambled eggs or curd. Lunch – salmon steamed or grilled, rice, curry, chicken, cutlets – listed producer. – Dinner with Valeria we refuse to support the form. In the evening only eat children.”

By the way, the rules of healthy nutrition follows not only Valeria and Joseph, but many other figures of the entertainment industry. For example, Philip Kirkorov and Anastasia Volochkova.


Source: dni.ru
Photo: Arguments and Facts

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