Valeria Kudryavtseva shared the secrets of her men

On the TV channel “NTV” will soon begin a new season of “million dollar Secret” and the first guest of the show will be popular Russian singer Valeria. She will discover secrets about his relationship with a married man, about the terrible life of composer Alexander Shulgin and the salvation found in his career.


Everyone knows that Valeria is a very cheerful and positive person. She always looks very confident and kind. However, a strong human character is formed through testing, completed in different periods of life. Valeria Kudryavtseva said, almost stole a married man, even before he became a good mother and wife. She shared the secret that being a girl met with a man much older than her, and after a while he left his wife for her.

Then in her life there was Alexander Shulgin, with whom they had marriage. Later, however, he began to mock her. According to her, he was a real tyrant. She said that with her two children lived in a constant state of fear. To help her all of these events helped the scene which for all time betrayed her strength and made Valerie the way it is seen today, viewers on the screens. More specific details will be available on 2 September, when the premiere of the new season of “the Secret to a million” “NTV”.