Valeria Gai Germanika for the first time showed the face of the youngest daughter

Director with a very unusual vision of Valeria Gai Germanika second time became a mother at the end of April this year. The girl daughter, which it was decided to give non-traditional for Russia, the name of Severina.

Still Valeria tried not to show the face of the baby, despite the fact that the publications in their social networks did. Today, Gaius Germanicus went to revelation and showed the girl.

In a new photo Severina with a serious expression on his face sitting in pink car seat – apparently, traveling with her mother on important matters. Traditional “girly” colors, besides the seats, also the suit and the nipple of the baby. Fans of Germanicus charmed by a child and is now wondering who he’s more like.

By the way, Valerie says that her elder daughter is not at all jealous of the mother to the little girl, but on the contrary helps in the care of a baby.

Note that in the education of children knows. She is actively working on the education of his eldest daughter, and tries to groom her as child Prodigy: “Thinks she is good because her childhood reading books. Now she reads herself and ahead of program: as a first grader, she is familiar with the literature for the fifth class. Octavia from last year started to attend private Orthodox school, he is home. In this school, no one asks why you don’t have a tablet, than you came to study or what brand of clothes came. Here the value of the other. In her spare time Octavia better on a sled ride, see a movie”.

We will remind, the second daughter Valeria was born from his marriage to dancer Vadim Lyubushkina, with whom the Director has managed to leave.

A divorced couple issued in the spring of 2016, after Lyubushkin left a pregnant wife in Russia, moved to work in the United States.


Source: dni.ru
Photo: ivona.bigmir.net

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