Valeria Frank told about the abuse ex-husband

On the program “the Secret to a million” singer Valeria open up about how ex-husband Alexander Shulgin once stabbed her with a knife and abused children. Most of all, the singer feared for the lives of children when it came to divorce.

Hero program “million dollar Secret” is the singer Valeria.

The conversation began with a question about the first husband of the singer Leonid Yaroshevsky. The actress said frankly that currently doesn’t communicate with him. She remembered how began their relationship. They lived together for four and a half years. First husband is still upset with the actress, and she does not want to communicate with him.

The second marriage of Valerie, too, was unsuccessful. Alexander Shulgin is the only male singer that was not approved by her mother. The star candidly told how many years was the victim of domestic violence. Valery explained why after divorce with Alexander was in constant fear for their lives and the lives of three children. And Shulgin questions about ex-wife – a taboo subject.

“I was sorry that I ever contacted him. I knew that, of course, nothing good, except for the children, my life was not with him,” says Valery. Valeria told me that she had been unhappy with Shulgin even then, when I received the offer. But at that moment the singer was pregnant.

The artist recalls that “at home it was terrible to be”. Once she was stabbed in the leg by a spouse. “No way. We just sat there. And something at some point, it just infuriated. I swear, it was just a harmless conversation – recalls the singer. I even scared of him. He even took. I jumped on one leg. Daughter was two weeks.” The singer hid what was going on, even from close. Relatives suspected that she had been raped but could not imagine how everything is terrible. The husband did not stop beating, even when the actress was pregnant. Then the husband began to make fun of children.

“Especially got average Theme. He threw in a cage for the dog. It was all,” says Valeria. As a result, the singer had to take children away, when she decided to leave her husband.