Valeria and Prigozhin admitted, why haven’t children

Couple is reminded of a family tragedy

A guest on the recent broadcast of the TV show “million dollar Secret” became a pop singer Valeria. The singer told a leading Lera Kudryavtseva why she and her husband Joseph Prigogine during 13 years of marriage, don’t have any children together. It turned out that the actress lost the baby late in pregnancy.

The tragedy happened on the sixth month when the mother came up with the baby name. This information appeared in the media last year that surprised the singer — after all the tests she had passed under a different name. We will remind that today in the star family, the six heirs: Anna (1993), Artemy (1994) and Arseny (1998) Shulgin, Dmitry (1989), Danae (1997) and Elizabeth (1999) Prigogine.