Valeria and her stepdaughter Dana prigoginei the staged confrontation – 24???

Valeria, a famous Russian singer, will be able to communicate with her daughter’s husband from his first marriage who resent his father. In “million dollar Secret”, broadcast on NTV, Valeria and Prigogine’s work together will be to discuss the existing problems, reports “Around.TV”.

In the first part of the popular TV show Valeria talked about two failed marriages and personal lives of children. In the Studio there were children of the singer – the younger son Arseny and daughter Anna.

In the second part of the program to Valerie to join her husband Joseph Prigozhin, is the producer of the performer. The most pressing topic will be the years of conflict of the singer with children Prigogine.

Valeria and Prigogine Danae

Will appear in the program and Danae, the daughter of Joseph. Thus, for the first time in 13 years the singer and daughter of music producer will meet in the same Studio. Danae is going to tell you why for a long time did not want to hear about your dad and his famous wife.