Val Kilmer is ready to shoot a sequel to “top gun”

Yesterday we reported that Hollywood actor Tom cruise after a thirty year pause, finally decided to shoot a sequel movie of 1986 “top gun”. With Tom in the original tape starred Kelly Mcgillis , Anthony Edwards ,Meg Ryan and Val Kilmer, but it is not known whether any of them participate in the filming this time. In particular, it seemed unlikely the appearance of Kilmer – as you know, he’s struggling with throat cancer and order passed in the last few years. But Val has already announced its willingness to return to the big screen in the role of Tom “Iceman” Kazanski.

On his page on Twitter the 57-year-old actor wrote:
“Still want this.. if anyone asks” — he wrote under a photo in a t-shirt with the image of the Iceman.
Recall that in recent years Kilmer is struggling with cancer, and only recently publicly acknowledged this. Until the last moment Val was denied any information about his illness, even said his own mother and friend Michael Douglas.
Relatives of the artist was concerned that Kilmer refused traditional treatment, preferring to be treated.. prayers. But doctors say that if it is treated only by faith, then his days are numbered. Launched the disease is virtually untreatable, and with high probability will lead to death. The actor said that his religion helped him practically to defeat cancer. He’s still experiencing some unpleasant symptoms, but I am sure that in the faith of his salvation.
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