Vadim Kazachenko married his “karma wife”

The once popular singer Vadim Kazachenko only last month released from family ties, as is preparing again to the altar. According to the newspaper, the actor made an offer hands and hearts of its Director Irina Amanti, and made it a beautiful romantic gesture.

Vadim came to the show of new collection of Galiya Akhmatova, which closed Irina Amanti, released on the catwalk in a wedding dress. Suddenly it rose and her lover. Vadim got up on one knee, and kissing the hand of his future wife, asked her to live with him the rest of my life.
And for Irina, and for all those present, it was a surprise. The audience began to shout: “Gorko!”, bewildering Amanti. In an exclusive interview with Irina said that had no idea what kind of surprise she will arrange Vadim. She even had no idea that he would come to the show.
Vadim glee. told reporters that he was very happy was to ask the hand and heart of a woman together for so many years.
Recall that last month Kazachenko divorced his 35-year-old wife Olga Martynova, who soon should give birth to a child, as she claims, Vadim. Despite this, Gagarinsky court of Moscow terminated the marriage on the grounds that they didn’t even have a joint life.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: https://dni.ru

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