Vadim Kazachenko forces pregnant wife to have an abortion

The once popular singer Vadim Kazachenko, whose star was lit and went out in the early 90s, was back on the front page of the tabloids, but it is not in the artist’s work, and too busy personal life. Legal wife Olga Vadim Kazachenko quarreled with him … “karma wife” Irina Amanti, that everyone until recently considered the real wife of the singer.

The scandal began after Kazachenko learned that his young wife Olga is expecting a baby. Vadim didn’t want to burden themselves with the heir and started to insist that the wife had an abortion, what drove her to a nervous breakdown. Now, the artist justifies his actions by saying that he was not sure that this is his child, as the marriage they were “guest”.
The actor claims that a truly close relationship he has with Amanti, he even called it a “karmic marriage”. But with Olga he wants to divorce, but the trouble is the wife is not willing to let him go.
“It all happened not in a romantic atmosphere, we met, hugged and she said, “Honey, I want you to please”. No. We had a regular conversation about what we need to end our marriage and live separately. And in that moment, completely cold-bloodedly, I would say, even cynically Olga took out a bag of paper together with the ultrasound pictures, threw them to me and said: “Here you are in tomato sauce! Now I’m not going anywhere”” — said Vadim about the conversation with Olga.
A former colleague Vadim group “freestyle” Nina Kirso already commented on the vicissitudes of life Kazachenko, saying that it is the person who “talking heads” for the sake of their interests, and “women choose”. Rightly, they say.
Now Kazachenko plans to do a DNA test to determine whether the child Olga about it, and if it turns out that this is true, then agrees to help her raise him.

Source: http://people.passion.ru
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