Useful whispers: speaks ring for protection, luck and money

In some situations, we need immediate help, and in this case, you will help the whispers. Talk to them using the ring, you will be able to make it to their talisman, and to achieve happiness and improve their financial situation.

Even our ancestors whispers popular. They spoke during important moments and dangerous situations, as well as to bring in wealth, luck and love. In the modern world these little charms have not lost their force. To this day, people give them when you want quick help.

For the past many years rings are the most important accessory. They are constantly worn by both men and women, because they do not create unnecessary discomfort during movement. The team dailyhoro.ru have prepared for you some effective whispers, with which you will be able to attract luck and money or turn your ring into an amulet.

Whispers on the ring to attract good luck

Waking up in the morning, touch your ring and say: “let this be my lucky day. All I can achieve”. With this whisper, your day will be productive, and maybe you’ll even be able to implement all his plans.

Go to work, take off your ring, grasp it in your hands and say: “go with luck, all day long she is beside me to be.” After the spoken words put the ring on your finger and do not remove it during the day. This way you will be able to succeed because all your actions will benefit you.

Business negotiations successfully, before their implementation, remove the ring and put it in his pocket, but before that tell me: “Luck is mine, never leave me”. With this whisper, you will be able to find the answer to any question, and then you will win the respect of colleagues and superiors.

Catch the luck by the tail is not so simple. However, you can simplify your task if every evening before bed looking at the ring, will say: “Let tomorrow be better than today”. Thanks to this short phrase, not a single day will not be useless to you.

Whispers on the ring on the protection

The danger may lie in wait for us in the most unexpected places. To avoid trouble, every day before going outdoors, take off her ring and, clutching it in his hand, say: “my Ring, be my talisman”. Thanks to this short phrase, you will ensure protection all day.

If you feel that you are in danger, RUB your ring and say, “No one and nothing can harm me. I protected yours.” You can repeat the whisper as much as necessary.

If you bought a new ring before you wear it, say, “Ring, be my protection in any situation.” From this moment it will be your talisman, so always carry it with you.

If you are near a person who does not appear trustworthy, quietly RUB the ring, and then say, “I’m protected. You won’t be able to hurt me. You will not send your power against me.” After that you will drive off fear: your enemy will not cause you any harm.

Whispers on the ring: attract money

Payday pinch in the hands of the ring, and say, “Increase my income, and the money is in my hands.” Do not forget every time to repeat these words and soon you’ll notice your financial status improving.

Get a new ring and put it in his wallet, but before you say “bring the money into my wallet, pull the wealth in my life.” The ring must be gold or silver: jewelry of other metals or materials will not result.

Surely your house has a secret place where you keep your money. To income improved, put back the ring and say: “Money will be more wallet will be fatter”. If you leave the decoration of the money in the near future will be able to achieve financial prosperity.

Before you pay for any purchase, look at your ring and say, “Embezzlement growing fast, and even faster wealth will grow”. With this short whisper of purchases will give you pleasure, and the money spent will soon return to you, maybe even double.

The most important time of day is morning. It depends how and in what mood we will spend the day. Every day to achieve new victories, use effective whispers that you need to say immediately after waking up. We wish you positive emotions and optimism,