Urgant shot parody election treatment of Ksenia Sobchak – 24???

Ivan Urgant took a video parody of the video of Ksenia Sobchak, in which she announced participation in the presidential elections in 2018. A parody video was aired on the show “Evening Urgant”, and later published on the YouTube channel of the program.

Ksenia Sobchak and Ivan Urgant

The record shows that Urgant takes a parody to background is approximately the same room in which filmed his video message Sobchak. Parody Urgant also put on a wig and glasses, like 36-year-old presenter.

For roller Urgant, copying the manner Sobchak, talks over participation in the presidential elections and at the same time contradicting himself. At the end of the video Urgant calls to vote for the singer Stas Peha and calls himself the candidate “against all, but not all.”

Earlier, Ivan Urgant took the music video of rapper Pharaoh on the hit “Crazy, for example.” The video has received almost 5 million views on YouTube.