“Unprotected sex Anfisa Chekhova” — you can make a new program

Leading decided to give way to young

Anfisa Chekhov, which this year celebrates 40 years, decided to “retire”, changing sexual way at a modest. It was presented yesterday at the award ceremony Music box, which was led by. Dress to the floor, and the chest does not end, it seems that audiences won’t see the chic bust stars.

According to Anfisa, she was tired from sex and decided to be modest and righteous. She is ready to give way to young girls with elastic buttocks and high Breasts and long legs. Their preednisone she sees Vera Brezhneva and Svetlana Loboda. Chekhov believes that it can compete with them.

Recall that the leading several years delighted the viewers in the program for adult “Sex with Anfisa Chekhova” in which they shared their experiences. How will be her new show?