Uncovering of the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov August 1, 2017

Feast of discovery of relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov Orthodox Christians annually celebrate on August 1. This is one of the any and revered by the people of the saints, descending to the requests of each person.

Believers all love heavenly intercessor, who is never indifferent to the requests of the bereaved, regardless of their earthly sins. A huge number of pilgrims annually is directed to the immortal remains of the pious St. Seraphim of Sarov, in order to personally experience the mighty power and blessing of God.

The story of St. Seraphim of Sarov

The great Saint to initiation into the spiritual rank called Prokhor. Born July 19, 1759. The son of a merchant, whose life from birth was marked by the blessing of God, were chosen of God. His way was guarded by heavenly intercession. The Creator saved him after the fall from the bell tower during severe illness, each time breathing life and indestructible faith in the body of the monk.

In 17 years, Holy chose this path. Renouncing all ranks, merit and wishes, Prokhorov left the sinful world, giving body and soul to his service to the Lord. Two years he spent in the desert, fighting daily with the devil’s temptations. This was the Statute and the rigor in obtaining the Church of San. In 1786, the monk renounced his name, under the name Seraphim which means “fiery”.

Even after that, the monk left the feat of living in the wilderness. A monk-hermit lived in a cell close to the river Sarovka daily renouncing all sustenance, purged in the name of Christ. The devil came to him in the form of robbers, chopped with an axe the body of the Saint and numerous mortal wounds. God was merciful, St. Seraphim was healed.

Three years of silence turned to the monk with the gift of miracles. He took every lost soul, healed and comforted, worked miracles and predicted the light path. Seraphim loved everyone, good-naturedly calling to faith and salvation of atheists. And many were convinced by the Holy heavenly patron. Went to be with God in 1833, but continued to carry miracles after death. Found in a kneeling position, before the icon of the mother of God “Tenderness”, the prayer left his life all believers as an example.

Uncovering of the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov

Having departed to the heavenly Kingdom, the Holy did not leave miraculous help. On his grave was made a great many miracles that did not leave anyone indifferent person. 94 cases of the miraculous signs was recorded by eyewitnesses of those events. Seraphim was canonized by August 1, 1903, and his pious and complicated life has shown people that all trials come to us from above, in order to strengthen and increase faith.

The name of the great intercessor sounded all over the country. Prayers for him to heal from physical ailments, strengthen the faith, attract good luck and solve everyday difficulties.

As soon as the Holy relics of St. Seraphim were opened, it was moved to the Church of saints Zosima and Savvatii in the city of Sarovo. More than one thousand pilgrims flocked to the relics of the great elder. Every member has found what it was. Many in that day were delivered from plagues and witnessed even greater miracles. In the Church stood fragrant aroma emanating from the imperishable relics of St. Seraphim. The day was clear and hot, and the Divine presence only multiplied the faith came.

Second finding of the incorruptible remains of St. Seraphim of Sarov

And the second finding was quite a memorable date — 1 August. In 1991 the incorruptible relics of the Holy man of prayer were opened for all members in the Kazan Cathedral of St. Petersburg.

The relics of the Holy elder traveled to many cities of our country, but returned back Home the priest. The Diveevo land — a memorable place of the life of Seraphim. Pilgrims from all over Russia visited St. Seraphim-Diveevo convent, as it was there granted a miraculous healing, spiritual enlightenment and the joy of being.

Church Scriptures Seraphim is referred to as the “warm rock” from an angry and demonic persecution. The feast of the finding of the relics of the monk shows us how important it is to live with faith and love for God, without deviating from the true path. Prayers read on the day of memory of the Holy elder, will help you gain your luck and change your own destiny. We wish you peace and strong faith. Be happy