Ukraine may lose the right to host “Eurovision-2017”

The victory on “Eurovision 2016” went to the representative of Ukraine to the singer Jamal. Thus was determined the country, which will host the next music competition. Several months it took the Ukrainian authorities to define the city, which will host this musical event. And it was done under pressure, Ukraine has threatened that can take away the right to conduct if the decision is not taken in the coming days.

Delaying a decision on the city that will host the “Eurovision-2017” had a negative impact on its organization.

At the moment there is a doubt about how will the organizers to perform all construction work, because the gap is for the whole month (previously the gap was 3 months).

“In early October, the European broadcasting Union as the owner of the brand “Junior Eurovision” showed “red card” NTU due to the actual disruption of preparing for the competition”, — said the representative of the company’s management of the National television and radio company (NTRC) of Ukraine.

The question also raises the bureaucracy, imperfection of legislative acts and neglect of some officials to the competition,” says the acting Director General of the National television and radio company (NTRC) of Ukraine Oleksandr Harbin.

The final decision on whether to accept “the Eurovision-2017” will be issued on 8 Dec.


Source: gazeta.ru
Photo: KP.UA

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