Ukraine is dissatisfied with the decision of the Committee of “Eurovision” broadcast of the speech Samoilova from Russia

Julia Samoylova has not received permission from the security Service of Ukraine on entry into the country for participation in song contest “Eurovision-2017”.

Later in the press it was reported that Julia will be able to perform in the competition, but will do so remotely, i.e., the broadcasting will be done from Russia. But such a decision does not suit the European broadcasting Union, which runs over the “Eurovision”.

At the moment with the host, i.e., Ukrina, negotiations about how to not to do after all Samoilov persona non grata and not to turn finally the Eurovision song arm of revenge: “We continue our dialogue with the Ukrainian authorities. It is important that the Eurovision song contest remains free from politics as such and the circumstances associated with travel bans Yulia”.

The Ukrainian side, in turn, did not share the General enthusiasm from the fact that Julia can participate in the competition remotely. “Broadcast performances Samoilova Ukrainian TV channels — it is also a violation of the Ukrainian laws, as well as its entry to Ukraine. The EMU should take this into account”, — wrote Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko.

Before the start of the musical competition there is still time, because we hope the parties come to a compromise and will be able to make it non-political.

Source: graziamagazine.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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