Tyra banks will lecture at the University

Supermodel tyra Bakns, which always and were all taught to smile with their eyes, decided not some time to retrain and become a teacher. The model adopted the proposal of Stanford University to share the experience, and now students have the opportunity to example of successful celebrity learn how to create and protect their brand. This, incidentally, will be the topic of the lecture Tyra.

Lectures banks everyone will be able to listen in may 2017.

According to the model, she already has some ideas which she will explain all the subtleties of working with your brand.

in the first place will offer students to make a mini-movie about myself called “Project you will: create and develop your brand”. Banks have promised that there will be quite a strict teacher will ask the students about focus and immersion in the topic, because it will restrict the use of the lesson mobile phones.

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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