TV presenter Andrey Danilevich has told about the new addition to the family

TV presenter Andrey Danilevich has told about the new addition to the family

Broadcaster August 19, will mark its 37th anniversary.

Leading the project “affects everyone” in an interview with the newspaper “Today” for the first time spoke about the new addition to your family.

— Andrey, this summer program “Applies to everyone” celebrates its third anniversary. It’s psychologically difficult to work in this project?

— Yeah, the project is really difficult emotionally, but we have the best editors — they have my back and support, and thanks to this well-coordinated professional team game we’re all together we go to our third anniversary. I can not believe, to be honest. Professionally the program has taught me multi-tasking on the court and stamina. Day lasts 13-14 hours, and so two days in a row. This mode not every lead will survive, know this firsthand. And humanly our project taught me how to forgive, however difficult it may be, and able to be grateful for what you have.

— As the rest of the shoot?

— It is difficult to get out of the Studio and cut everything and everyone. I am still learning. The most important medicine for me — to push yourself physically! It’s exercise and sport allow me to recover psychologically. 10-15 km run, 3-5 miles of swimming, followed by a good night’s sleep!

— What sports and personal goals?

— My main achievement this year is the birth of a son! Now try to pay maximum attention and time, so the quality to train is not impossible. And to start and compete just like they say, talent does not want to, like to finish in the forefront. But there is still August, September, October — the height of the biggest competitions in triathlon and swimming, do not exclude, that will be somewhere! Because the form I, despite everything, are still trying to support.

— How has your life changed with the birth of a child?

— With the advent of the Timothy our the rhythm of life has certainly changed, but to be honest, not dramatically. Yes, sleep a little, but overall, we all learn to do, along with Timothy and go shopping, and the restaurant can dine, and to visit friends and go. The son is a real man — he is not capricious (FIE-FIE-FIE), and if cries — then the case! In General, the birth of a son is a great happiness! I am very grateful to Tim for showing me that the most important thing in life.

— What is your ideal vacation?

The best active rest for me is sailing! In previous years, we are a big company went to sea in a yacht. It was always unforgettable. Well, this year in connection with the completion of the family, my wife and son spend the summer at home — leave to visit grandparents, went twice to the village to my grandmother in the Zhytomyr region. After the island of Capri is the second place on Earth where I always want to come. There is a very good, relaxed and at home — we put a big table in the garden, preparing the barbecue, grandma bakes pies and their signature dumplings with garlic, invite neighbors, we conduct intimate conversations, and sometimes songs start at the table.

— How often are you recognized on the street?

— Yes, on the streets know and usually speak good words and thank you for the work. It’s nice. They say that in life I look younger than on the screen.

— You are able to do something in the house with his own hands?

— Not gonna brag, but the last thing I’m going to call a master. In the house on the farm try to do everything myself, I learned that from a father. The last thing I was doing in his house, gathered and twisted the cot for Timothy. Although the manufacturer provided your a collector of furniture, for me it was a matter of principle.


Source and photo: segodnya.ua