Triandafilidis chose shooting in the “House 2” is September 1, his daughter

However, such a move was granted not all damouzy, many of which are accused of improper upbringing of their children. For example, Lisa Triantafilidis, whose daughter went to the second class, decided instead support your child in a school shooting in “the House 2”, the website life-dom2.su.

Despite criticism for this action, the girl did not feel guilty. Moreover, Elizabeth had explained his action by the fact that he sees no sense to be with her daughter the first of September, because besides the fact that the whole training process took a father to a daughter, Triandafilidis does not need to be on the line of second-graders, because, in her words, “this is not the first class.”

“On September 1 the whole day there was shooting. I’m not worried that were not present at the lineup, it’s not first class and second. Preparation for school also dealt with the Pope, shared Lisa. – I was on vacation and spent a week with my daughter. We had fun together, I bought her gifts.”