Trend insane Regina todorenko after the beauty salon became “pink”

It seems that among the stars observed trend madness. At this time, to change radically the image decided Regina todorenko.

The singer and Presenter Regina todorenko is not far away from Lady Gaga, which became a greenish hue. Ukrainian artist decided to repaint the hair in a bright pink color .

How little is necessary for happiness!

Regina, waiting until finally the weekend, according to her, already confused. Something nice to do, thought leading… the Solution she’s found quickly and helped her beauty salon that she went to dye her hair in bright color.

Now, happy, Todorenko shares his impressions with his fans, telling them why she so suddenly decided to become “pink”. In her Instagram, she just described your day, and at the end asked what it’s followers to do in 24 hours.

“FREAKED out!!!!! Sometimes you expect so much output that with his coming begin to feel sad because of the lack of important things Discouragement has come to me. FREAKED out, she dyed her hair pink. The mood instantly improved. As my friend said: “How little you need to be happy, comfortable you’re the woman” Honestly, the day just became more fun. From the plans that are made today:
lesson on piano
– to compose a song
– manicure , pedicure, massage
– read ‘The canterville ghost’
What time today are you?” (RUF. and item. of the author retained approx. Ed.) commented Regina new photo.

Needless to say that the fans were delighted with the new image of their idol, if the photo is less than a day, scored more than 150 thousand likes.

By the way, foreign colleagues, Todorenko singer Shakira recently showed off its new fiery-red hair color.