Trap trouble: making a talisman with their hands

If you defeated a series of failures, get rid of it. Use the most effective talisman, which is like a trap, catch all your troubles and troubles, all adversities and defeats.

Any charm itself has a huge strength and might to the forces of evil, black magic and witchcraft interference. And one that is made by hand, only increases their magical abilities. If you are tired of the constant bad luck, hurry to make this a trap for trouble. Protective item will take care of all negative energy, clearing your aura, karma and the house.

That is a trap for trouble

Trap for trouble — it’s just a mug. Just not the one you drink tea or coffee, and one that long been lying idle. Of course, this Cup is available in every home. Remember how, dismantling kitchen cabinets, or home service, you suddenly came upon a plain mug that has already served its purpose. For some reason it is always a pity to throw away. All because this mug can render you good service. It will become your personal catcher troubles and tribulations.

The older mug, the better. No need to take away the Cup from family members and especially to seek out a mug on the shelves of their friends or in the shops. She should be home, but completely useless. Mug, and imbued with mood and energy of your home is what you need to create a powerful weapon to combat bad luck. Great if your future talisman is a chipped handle. It turns out that this provides useful energy.

Make a trap for trouble

Look in the Housewares foil for baking, needle and, consequently, the very Cup. All you need is a positive attitude. Just think about that soon all the troubles that exist between you and a happy life, will be lost forever.

First, completely and very tightly wrap the Cup with foil, for example, in four layers. Do not spare: let your trap works out well and your future success. Now it is necessary to find the top part — it should not cause any problems. Do the top at equal distance from each other seven holes. This is done in order to negative energy does not stagnate in the circle, and freely circulated and filtered to positive. Otherwise, a trap for trouble will catch all your problems and give them back to you.

Your catcher troubles almost ready to repel the strokes of bad luck away from you. Just a few more strokes. More precisely, one is the activation of the amulet. For six months protective piece will serve you faithfully, but then lose their magical abilities. It is necessary to care: to be cleaned and to change the foil.

Activation of the trap for trouble

The rite of putting in your personal talisman is the key and final action. It is preferably carried out in secret, without spectators and witnesses. At the junction of two days, at midnight, regardless of the phase of the moon and a certain day, prepare to charge the mug-trap magical powers.

It is best to conduct the ritual in the light emanating from the flame. So, exactly at 00.00 place a Cup on a hard surface. Raise both arms over your future talisman, as if to warm them over the fire, not too far and not too close. Your attention is not distracted. Clearly read the following conspiracy:

“I’ve faced trials and tribulations, to hide from them nowhere, circling and circling over my head, but the trap will fall. On the bottom it will fall and will not ruin my life. My Cup in my house a long time. So colleague. the last service for the hostess/proprietor, cast away from me all bad, all bad. Here is my request, you can use it and immediately fill. Let it be as I want.”

After the conspiracy should be removed a Cup in the kitchen, it is advisable to other mugs. Is that your trap by accident or negligence has not been broken household. Warn family members that now the whole house is under the protection of a powerful talisman. Let them be careful and not let the troubles of back, accidentally breaking the trap.

Trap for trouble really works and repels all the troubles from home, your loved ones and yourself. However, to use the full force of the opened perspective, it is important to attract good fortune. Let the bad luck you don’t care, but success itself will not come, so look for him and call for his aid. We wish you good mood and good luck. Take care of yourself